We are on the look out for Bloomsbury’s brightest, boldest and most inspiring work to present in the Festival in 2018.  The Festival programme is carefully curated and includes both events and activities that we produce ourselves and those proposed to us which we present as part of the Festival. Below is a brief outline of what we are looking for.

More detailed information can be downloaded here. We would encourage you to check this out before making a proposal.

The Theme: Activists & Architects of Change
2018 marks the centenary of The Representation of the People Act 1918, which permitted women to vote for the first time – this was a crucial moment in the campaign for equality and democracy. Bloomsbury has a rich history of activism across its community from the world-class work of its institutions to its celebrated artists and scientists – its as radical now as it has ever been and this provides rich territory for exploration.

Can I apply?
The Festival’s remit is to support creative development in Bloomsbury, and in terms of the work presented we have two main areas of focus: development opportunities for professional creative practitioners, and creative engagement for non-professionals including families, students and other residents.   The Festival programme includes arts, science, academic public engagement projects, performance, music, outdoor arts and other work that seeks an audience. We encourage creative practitioners and local individuals/community groups who work, study, or live in Bloomsbury to contact us to discuss possible projects for inclusion in the Festival programme.

Are there any specific criteria?
There are no specific criteria, but projects need to be creative, engaging and high quality.  We are particularly interested in work that provides a development opportunity for participants or audiences and/or projects that connect Bloomsbury’s diverse community.  Some projects are stand-alone events, such as an exhibition or a concert, others are events that work better when presented in a Festival hub (eg a workshop or a short talk).  All projects need to connect in some way to the Festival theme (as above).

What sort of work are you interested in?
The Festival programme aims to be stimulating, educative, interesting, exploratory and fun!  Bloomsbury Festival also provides a platform to test out a radical ideas or unusual collaborations, alongside polished performances.

How do I put forward a proposal?
To discuss your ideas, whether, how and where they might fit in the Festival programme please contact one of the Festival Programme Managers as follows:

  • John-Paul Muir  – music, visual art, and literature and public engagement
  • Jodie Adams – theatre, film, cabaret, comedy and public engagement.