Bodies in Space

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An atmospheric dance performance to the sounds of our universe at the largest and smallest possible scale.

For the last 10 years NASA’s Kepler space telescope has been recording light emitted from stars far beyond our universe. The sound of these recordings are pulsating, otherworldly, and epic – opening the imagination to the vastness of our universe.

In contrast, what would we hear at the other end of the scale, at an atomic scale? Our human ears are quite limited, we can’t hear atoms, just like we can’t hear the stars, but we can convert their characteristics, like light and colour, into sound.


From the most micro and macro parts of our world, Dougie Brown (sound designer) and Helen Cox (choreographer) come together to create an experience that will ignite your curiosity and stretch your imagination.

Contributing scientists include Dr. Hugh Mortimer (Planetary Scientist, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory) and Jill Linz (Dept. of Physics, Skidmore College).

Tickets: £8 (£6)

Bodies in Space Trailer from Helen Cox on Vimeo.

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Bodies in Space