Indigenous Arts and Forest Guardians in Brazil

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Indigenous Brazil: live digital bodypainting, films and speakers, followed by Festival Opening night at SOAS Brunei Theatre.

Dr Thea Pitman, School of Languages, Cultures and Societies, University of Leeds and NGO Thydêwá director, Sebastián Gerlic introduce Arte Electrônica Indígena (AEI) Short films, subtitled for Native Spirit audiences, and discuss the use of digital media to enhance Indigenous Peoples’ visibility worldwide, the protection of cultural practices and how to increase appreciation of diversity and traditional knowledge to promote dignity and wellbeing for all.

You will have the chance to participate in live digital bodypainting with designs created by AEI Indigenous artists.

Reuters filmmaker Max Barings, and Karla Mendes’ GUARDING THE FOREST takes you to the frontline of forest protection in the Brazilian Amazon. Follow the Guajajara volunteer force, risking their lives to patrol their protected Indigenous lands, removing illegal logging camps destroying the Amazon, source of 20% of our planet’s oxygen. Since Bolsonaro’s election illegal logging is on the rise, as are fears of a more generalised conflict across the region. The new minister of Agriculture appears conciliatory but Brazil’s indigenous communities and their leaders are not convinced.

Donations: £10 on door

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Indigenous Arts and Forest Guardians in Brazil