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Constance Markievicz: Suffragette! Socialist! Soldier! First woman elected to parliament. Sentenced to death after her part in the Easter Rising in Dublin, 1916 then pardoned due to her ‘sex’ and sent to HMP Holloway where she meets Kelly McCoy. It is 2015 and Kelly got 3 months for stealing baby milk. . . surely there’s more to it? She’s off the drugs and away from her abusive boyfriend and alcoholic mother. What can these 2 women do for each other?

Can Jeremy Corbyn help?

CONSTANCE At least soup kitchens are a thing of the past

KELLY You wanna see Dublin late at night, they crawl out from the cracks in the city, and trust me, there’s soup. Welcome to the 21st century, we got food banks an’ all.

Waiting in the Dark Theatre is committed to working with emerging artists alongside established; especially women who identify as at risk of the criminal justice system. This staged reading of new 2 hander play has original sound and music; plus choreographed movement ensemble.

Tickets: £8 (£6)

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