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This event finished on 21 October 2018

Life-Blood is defined as the blood, as being necessary for life. It’s also the indispensable factor or influence that gives something its strength and vitality.
Artist Collective, Aesthesia with the Bloomsbury Festival present an exhibition where we explore activist art as realised by a group of international artists, academics, film makers, photographers, poets, theatre makers, writers, and a news anchor.
The Tate website explains that “Activist Art is about empowering individuals and communities and is generally situated in the public arena with artists working closely with a community to generate the art.”
From HIV and AIDS, the infected blood inquiry, gay men and the inability to donate blood, Grenfell to American Indian, Palestinian and Rohingya human rights, we ask what are the vital desires, the Life-blood, that gives vitality to all the participants work.

Participants: Ahmed Salama (photography & talk: Art as an act Insubordination); Amani AlSharqawi (photography & talk: Art as an act Insubordination); Ash Kotak (talk: #Aesthesia: An Activist Arts Collective); Ashish Joshi (talk: The News Anchor Activist); Cara Romero (photography); Chloe (#poetry4Grenfell); Dipa Mahbuba Yasmin (film); Dominic Janes (talk: My Body, My Blood); Flexwon (street art); Georg Meyer-Wiel (drawing); iyatraQuartet (music); Isabel de Vasconcellos (talk: Activism & the Fourth Plinth); Joanne Prince (talk: Cara Romero); Karun Soni (campaign art); Madison Moore (talk: My Body, My Blood); Mahmoud J. Alkurd (photography & talk: Art as an act Insubordination); Marnie Scarlet (sculpture/performance: My Body, My Blood); Margherita Sprio (talk: Creating Art Between Two Homelands); Mark Ward (talk: #InfectedBloodInquiry), Miguel Conde (drawing); Miranda Dickson (jars); Princess Emmanuelle (#poetry4Grenfell); RJ Arkhipov (talk: The Poetry of Blood); Ruhul Abdin (talk: Creating Art Between Two Homelands); Simon Edge (talk: The Activist Writer); Sunil Gupta (photography/talk: Creating Art Between Two Homelands) Yaroslaff Soltan (sculpture); Zoe Delemere Lafferty (talk: Activist Theatre).

Curated by Ash Kotak of Aesthesia

Life-Blood Exhibition has been co-funded by @Aesthesia and also the Grassroots Action Support (GAS) fund, a partnership between Sheila McKechnie Foundation and the Esmee Fairbairn Foundation. 

Exhibition open 1pm – 7pm, Thurs – Sun
FREE – Just Turn Up
(£5 minimum suggested donation welcome which will cover costs with all profit shared equally between the artists)

Events accompanying this exhibition:

Official Opening – Thurs 18 Oct, 6.30pm – 8.30pm
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The Poetry of Blood – Fri 19 Oct, 6pm – 6.45pm
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Creating Art Between Two Homelands – Sat 20 Oct, 5pm – 6pm
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My Body, My Blood – Sat 20 Oct, 6.30pm – 7.45pm
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Activism & Art – Sun 21 Oct, 12pm – 6.30pm
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Ashish Joshi in Conversation – Sun 21 Oct, 5.30pm – 6.30pm
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