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Experience the Objects in Time installation that encourages you to step outside of your own world and into another’s. A blindfolded dinner where, using only sound and touch, you experience a different family’s reality living with dementia.

Commissioned by Bloomsbury Festival and School of Advanced study for 2017’s Festival to respond to the Festival in a Box archive. Three Girls are returning to show Objects in Time once more.

The piece of work was developed with the aim of opening up the lives of those with dementia to the wider community.

Using the artefacts from the Festival In A Box archive as a basis for the work, we invite you to explore how it would feel to be someone else. Perhaps it will help you better understand this particular Bloomsbury resident – and what can sometimes be a lonely and isolating condition – but also encourage conversation and, most importantly, interaction.

For more information about Festival in a Box, and how to support this project, click here.

Performances every 15 mintues between 10am – 5pm (excluding lunch break)

FREE – Just turn up

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