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Unlovable is one woman’s journey to discovering why she is dateable, kissable, and friendable but virtually unlovable. Veering on the dangerous precipice that is 30, our protagonist digs through her past to discover why at the ripe age of 29, she has always been single, dumped, overlooked, a pushed aside for better options. Through verbatim text, interviews with ex-lovers, rendezvous with her most awkward experiences, and insights to her fantasies we examine and analyse what she’s missing.

Set to your favourite 1950’s classics, she creates a world of camp humour, brutal honesty, ludicrous song and dance, and all the bells and whistles of theatre. You will laugh and cry through her journey to discover if the “x-factor” really exists and where hers could have possibly gone. Has it been there all along? Will she always be Unlovable?

Tickets: £5

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