Everybody knows someone who has lost a bit of their memory. In fact, all of us forget things now and then. But with an increasingly ageing population, the situation’s changing as dementia and Alzheimer’s affect more people then ever.

Indomitable Productions is a multi-disciplinary performance collective that reimagines classical music for contemporary audiences. We’re also passionate about the positive neurological effects of music on the brain, the power of good conversation and the benefits of tea and cake. So over the last year we’ve worked with Age UK Camden, Camden Carers and specialists from Bristol North NHS to develop a project for people who live with dementia.

_68a4753-s‘An Album of Memories’ is a multi-sensory, immersive concert event that provokes and inspires memory through live music performance. Our group of singers build each concert programme around song requests from our partners’ service users, and we also take requests from all our participants during an interval of tea, cake and conversation to create a concert that’s made specially for the people with us on that day.

It’s estimated that 850,000 people in the UK live with dementia. But whether you identify as one of those people or not, you won’t need a reminder that you came to our events. A week after, you’ll get some things from us to help you remember – some photos, a magnet you can stick on your fridge and a note to thank you for coming to meet us.

Everyone has songs that are important to them, and sharing music is one of life’s joys. So whether you’re living with dementia, helping someone who is or working to improve the lives of people who do, we’d love to see you at our show.

An Album of Memories by Indomitable Productions will be presented at William Goodenough House, Goodenough, College, Sat, 3pm, FREE – but pre-booking is recommended