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Bloomsbury Festival in a Box

Bloomsbury Festival in a Box is a pioneering project to send artists equipped with life-changing, multi-sensory boxes of cultural delights into the homes of people living with dementia.

How you can help
In 2016 we plan to undertake a second Festival in a Box project building on our successful pilot project in 2013 and 2015 in which we worked with people with dementia in Camden. The pilot was funded by an Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) award granted to the School of Advanced Study, University of London , who undertook research alongside the scheme in partnership with UCL and Age UK Camden.

To continue to support local people with dementia and other age-related disabilities this year, we urgently need further funding.

Each box costs £250 to cover the cost of training, materials, artists and specialist support.

Our aim is to send out 40 boxes and artist befrienders, which means we need to raise £10,000.

The project has had expert support from the School of Advanced Study, UCL and Camden Dementia Befriending Scheme with AgeUK, all of whom we plan to engage in the project again this year.

Sponsor a box!
People with dementia are often isolated, lacking the skills and confidence to participate in society. But they retain their passion for culture – and have as much right as anyone else to take part. The Festival in a Box will give them a unique opportunity to participate in a cultural event from which they might otherwise be excluded.

As well as giving people with dementia an opportunity to experience art, the project will also engage them in creating it. By sharing knowledge and stories of their local area, people who’ve slipped out of view will have a chance to re-engage with the community and re-narrate the history of Bloomsbury itself. Over the course of weekly visits to the homes of those involved, the Boxes will become miniature ‘archives of engagement’, tiny museums and galleries to rival the prestigious institutions in the area.

In future, we want to take this cultural meals-on-wheels to others in need, such as young people in hospital or people too ill to leave home. And we want to become a model for other festivals and arts organisations. No-one should be excluded from cultural life.

It all starts with Box Sponsorship – sponsor yours today!