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UPDATE > Due to current government restrictions, regrettably some changes have had to be made to the advertised Seeing & Perceiving hub event. We will be moving much of the activity due to take place, online to our Facebook page. In the coming days will be updating this page with a schedule of activity about how to watch and engage with the hub via Facebook. 


Have you ever wondered how the brain helps you see? Is what we see real? What does the brain actually look like? Explore the answers through stimulating activity, immersive workshops, artistic responses, thought provoking talks, and VR experiences.

Join Francis Crick, UCL, Sainsbury Wellcome Centre, Holborn Community Association and many others to explore how we see and perceive the world. It’s not what you think it is!



– Create your own brain structures and add to a giant sculpture (Autism friendly) with Holborn Community Association

– Respond to what you’ve seen throughout the day with eye opening activities



– Using VR walk through a brain and discover it’s inner workings with the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre

– Join UCL in an immersive sensory experience to discover how our new digital world has affected how we sense the world?



– Aseries of talks exploring encounters between ourselves and images of ‘our’ brains; non-human animals, and ‘human’-like’ robots.

– Did you know that we actually learn to see?! Join Vision and Eyes Group at GOSH Institute of Child Health UCL to learn more about how our eyes develop!

– Discover the connection between hearing and sight with The Francis Crick Institute

– Do you have synesthesia? Join researcher Rachel Mason in an informal Synesthesia meet-up!




FREE – Just turn up


Seeing and Perceiving Hub