October, 2022

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October 14 (Friday) - 22 (Saturday)

Event Details

26 Inspirations is an exhibition featuring writers working in partnership with a wide range of artists. The show features writing, sound, illustration, photography, art, pottery and even perfumery.

Writers’ group 26 has been a Bloomsbury Festival partner for a number of years now. This year their writers were asked to focus on what inspires them. The dictionary definition is ‘from in + spirare’ “to breathe”, the theme of this year’s festival. So ‘inspiration’ is closely related to breath – and perhaps the simplest definition of the creative process is ‘inspiration leading to expression’.

Opening times:
9am – 6pm Mon – Fri; 10am – 4pm Sat (closed Sunday)

FREE – Just Turn Up

26 Inspirations
26 Inspirations