October, 2022

20oct9:00 pm10:00 pm9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 4:48 DIGESTIONTommaso GiacominEvent Type :Performance & Film


(Thursday) 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Dr Williams's Library

14 Gordon Square, London WC1H 0AR

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A highly physical piece of theatre that presents a multi-layered journey into the biological and emotional life of five female identifying performers. They serve as mirrors for each other, used to face the pure essence of themselves in relation to the world they inhabit.

This performance is loosely inspired by the work of Sarah Kane: her last play ‘4:48 Psychosis’ is the starting point for a courageous and extreme exploration that will push the physical boundaries of these five performers, questioning their individualities and their role in today’s society. We in turn establish a primordial language that unites this international cast.

Created and directed by Lecoq & RADA graduate Tommaso Giacomin through a collaborative process with the cast, 4:48 DIGESTION presents an extreme and absurd world where the boundaries between reality and the performers’ imagination are broken down. This process reveals an unflinchingly honest world where their connections are based solely on one true certainty: the blood that pumps through their veins.

Created & directed by TOMMASO GIACOMIN with:

Anita Pomario

Araminta Wraith

Claudia Gambino

Grace church

Miriam Elwell-Sutton

You keep playin’ where you shouldn’t be playin’
And you keep thinkin’ that you’ll never get burnt (ha)
I just found me a brand-new box of matches, yeah
And what he knows you ain’t had time to learn.

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