October, 2022

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October 20 (Thursday) - 23 (Sunday)

Event Details

A site-specific immersive experience that will explore the inner depths of The Crypt Gallery. Using video projections and sounds that evoke breath, it will envelop the viewer as they walk through the space, drawing them ever closer to the beating heart of the building. It will be as if the very walls themselves are breathing.

The exhibition will lead the viewer through different types of breath, exploring how our bodies respond to fear, exhilaration, joy, orgasm. death and meditation. During the daytime it will be a free exhibition of immersive sights and sounds and at night the space will turn into a live performance with two dancers and one musician bringing the space alive and guiding the audience through a sensory journey.

Do Souls Breathe? will question what it means to be human. With so much of ourselves taken up by technological interactions we can easily get out of touch with our very physicality, what makes us human. It seems that our devices have become extensions of our bodies. At the same time, there is room to wonder if there is something that remains human beyond our physicality, a soul, an echo, an afterlife.

Open 11.30am – 1.30pm & 4pm – 6pm

FREE – Just Turn Up

Do Souls Breathe?
Do Souls Breathe?