October, 2022

21oct5:45 pm7:45 pm5:45 pm - 7:45 pm Paradise Planet Earth - A Human ResponsibilityDr Francisco DiegoEvent Type :Talks, Walks & Tours

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Come along and explore the science behind the formation of solar systems in our galaxy, including our own. We pay special attention to Paradise Earth and the emergence and development of complex life. A process full of casual and sometimes cataclysmic events.

We learn how all forms of life have always shared the same basic chemical structures and how the entire humankind had a common origin not that long ago, populating by migration every corner of this unique paradise, hence becoming a global family.

Then, time for reflection. We admire the amazing achievements of the human adventure of scientific exploration and discovery, but on the other hand, we face the tragic consequences of our modern technological ‘civilisation’, driven by powerful economic and political interests that overexploit and destroy a unique and fragile environment, producing at the same time so much suffering and misery to the vast majority of that same global family.

Finally, time for action. We end by discussing ideas about valuing what is being lost, about identifying the main problems and about how to radically change of our ways of life, perhaps invoking the power of forgotten ancestral wisdoms to guide and control our use of technology and hopefully reconnect with our lost humanity.

This talk takes place in Beveridge Hall, Senate House.

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Paradise Planet Earth – A Human Responsibility
Paradise Planet Earth – A Human Responsibility