Local, Global, Inspiring

“Bloomsbury Festival captures the diversity of bright minds connected to these few streets of London, from the past to the present day”
The Guardian

Bloomsbury Festival is an annual celebration of the area’s pioneering creativity, presenting an inspiring programme of arts, science, literature, performance, discussion and reflection.
Bloomsbury Festival 2021 took place from Friday 15 to Sunday 24 October with the theme ‘Shining Light’. The programme placed the stories of the people, places and cultures of Bloomsbury at it’s heart, taking the creative talent of local established institutions and adding in emerging talent with new themes and threads – shining light on the tradition of freethinking and celebrating the ‘rebels’ within Bloomsbury. View the full programme here.
Local, Global, Inspiring – our artistic choices are informed by our focus on providing enriching opportunities for artists, enticing creative engagement for residents, and our aim to promote contemporary Bloomsbury.
For ten days each October, the streets, parks, museums, galleries, laboratories and public and private buildings of this vibrant cultural quarter play host to up to 130 events developed with partners alongside Bloomsbury Festival Productions and Commissions.

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