Loose-limbed and furious 


Don’t think

Work fast

Failure is your friend


Limber up and dance 

throw shapes before you start


Never wear slippers

go barefoot 

paint in your pants

grind your beans 

and get high


Use what comes to hand

big bushy brushes

wallpaper scrapers

knives forks and spoons


Work like a berk 

be a sprinter 

not a marathon runner


Play punk

be a three-chord wonder

a splasher and a splosher 

make a mess 

but clear up after



Art is therapy

Paint for joy


Inspired by the Abstract Expressionists. In particular, Willem de Kooning, Clyfford Still and Helen Frankenthaler.

Words and art by Andy Hayes


House paint, acrylic and spray glue on floorboard


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