What causes me to take a breath?

A mesmerising 15/8 time signature;

1234 1234 123 1234.

Sound, warped into folded stratigraphy;

Paint, layered as frosted glass.

Punctuation, as Notation, on how to breathe.

Colour and Sound in conversation,

Light woven into the weft of Time.

The yearning key of A Minor,

A ripple of wind over a meadow in May.

Clouds skudding across the moon;

A nighttime of insistent words.

An afternoon rainbow after a storm.

A deep sigh of enchanted sleep.

A Wild Thing Called Grace


Joanna McFarland is a painter.  She hears colour and music sets her palette.  Faye Sharpe is a writer.  Words set her tone.  Joanna and Faye took inspiration from Mike Oldfield’s Tubular Bells, new to Joanna but an old friend for Faye.  The album was first published in 1973.  The bells called to a New Age, an unknown future of paradoxical ideas: space-time, particle-wave and a self-regulating Gaia.  We truly are such stuff as dreams are made on – and of.  Fifty years later, the bells summon us still, this time to an uncertain future.  To re-wild our worlds, we need to re-wild ourselves.  Dream kindly.  Weave widely.  Make friends with Grace.


20”x20” (53cm x 53cm); acrylic on canvas.


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