Friendship is the inspiration we receive through incremental moments of trust and tenderness. Moments compounded into a powerful undercurrent of acceptance, grace and showing up. It is only privilege to see another being, believe in them; and to walk the line together in the shadow and the light. From that place, good things grow.


Writers & Designers

Sharon Young & Gillian Colhoun


“This shoot was a beautiful invitation to push beyond the part of me that wasn’t confident about my skills. Two strong, erudite and compassionate women inspired me to cross that rubicon from safe yet unseen, into risking mistakes but learning and emerging as a result. In Strickland’s Glen we explored womanhood and friendship; this wild place full of shadows, secrets, curves and sudden wonder. The farther along the road you go, the more you know, and the more there is to see.” 



Dr Eilis Philips 

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