26 Inspirations: Liminality


Artwork by Mano, Manola Garcia Sanhueza 

Poem by Jessica Swales


In yoga, the magic lies in the middle. 

With time comes breath.

With breath comes space. 

With space comes possibility.

Chakras shift and regrets unstick 

with each gentle transition.


The yoga mat is a liminal space.

A threshold to something new. 

A moment of suspension, disorientation. 

Do you hold your crow 

or smash your chin? 

(Your conviction is your outcome). 


It’s not always certain,

But learning to live with the messy, 

is learning to live in union:

body, mind, nature, spirit. 

Mundane limitation can become cosmic wisdom.

And clumsy caterpillars can become butterflies. 


Oṃ maṇi padme hūṃ.


26 Inspirations: Liminality


Chilean by birth, otherworldly by nature, Mano lives with her partner James in the free-spirited north of Ibiza. She lives young, among artists, creatives, musicians, and mystics. They have all made their homes on this dazzling white isle, drawn by the beauty, the light, the energy, and the natural rhythms of the seasons. Jessica met Mano a few years ago, on her way to a clumsy downward-facing dog. Mano shared her first lesson of yoga (and perhaps of life): slow down and breathe. Since then, things are changing on and off the yoga mat. Reunited again in May, the pair locked eyes, opened hearts, and ventured to dream about breaking free from normalcy into the more sacred space of liminality. 




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