Just keep playing.


I used to wait for inspiration. Or else, look for it in ‘special places’. Sunsets. Mountains. Lovers’ eyes. It didn’t really work. There’s a lot of pressure to ‘be inspired’. And the staring is unsettling to lovers.


Because the thing about inspiring is that we need to do it all the time. (I tried getting a whole month’s breathing over and done with in one go. Didn’t go well.) 


These days, what inspires me is the daily act of playfully making things with lines – written and drawn. Knowing that eventually, two modest ideas will find each other.


That’s where this guitar came from: daily doodling of whatever I was doing, reading, thinking about* met musical noodling. 


Keep breathing. Keep playing. Eventually, a little gasp.


*Can you spot: Tom Waits’s thoughts about music; the transience of all things; what I had for Tea one day; how weird slugs are.

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