Please touch the art

Stories spun in gold
Dancing to the beat
Of the summer chatter of light

Patchwork of blooms
Blowing across canvas
Art is a beautiful temporary

Come lay down your words
Walk your own path
The blank page awaits


What does inspiration mean to you? And where do you find it?

We believe it can be found everywhere you look: from unexpected corners to unassuming,
everyday objects. Connected by our love of nature, street art, journaling and stories, we used
colour and improvised markings that sparked our curiosity, and chose lines from poems we’ve
written, to create a collage of images and words.
There’s a quote attributed to Samuel Johnson: “A writer only begins a book. A reader finishes
it.” So we invite you, our reader, to finish what we began by writing your own found poem
using the lines from ours.
Reimagine the poem, rearrange the words and recreate your imagination. Find your inspiration
in our art.

Sarah Farley (writer) and M.E. Ster-Molnar (artist)
Sarah used to own a scuba diving school in the Caribbean but gave it up to follow the dream:
being a writer. M.E. is an artist, designer and California dreamer. They both live, write and
create in London.

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