Where have you been?

                 To the soft horizon on the outgoing tide


Why did you sail there?

                 In search of pure light as it meets the thoughtless sea


What did you find?

                 Truth, but not where we expected


How so?

                 Returned, we watched our upturned hulls dry in the dusk



                 There was beauty etched by salt, waves, rocks, ropes,
                 wires, nets, blood …


But something more?

                 Each was a portrait of home


Aren’t those just the lines made by everyday life?

                 Precisely: the scattered fragments of us that mark
                 our common ground


You elevate wear and tear to art?

                 More a wise note scribbled in the margin of a borrowed book


I’m sorry?

                 Dew on litter. Gentrified woodsmoke. Night bus satsangs.
                 All our gorgeous banalities


So, what next?

                 Back out towards Paradise, so we may return here
                 and know where we are


Tim Rich

Twitter: @timiswriting
Instagram: @timrichphotographs


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