Character: Din Djarin

TV series: Star Wars: the Mandalorian 

Creator: Jon Favreau

26 writer: Leah Royden



Mandalorians are walking weapons, merciless but fiercely protective of their foundlings provided they follow the Way. Din Djarin did not, but this nursery rhyme instructed others.




Breathe easy, little foundling

Make that noise no more.

Hold your silence bravely

For Mother Mandalore.


Loneliness is vanquished

Uncertainty no more

Swear allegiance, foundling

To Mother Mandalore.


We’ll armour you in beskar

You’ll glory in our war

Beloved, blood-soaked, born again

Of Mother Mandalore.


Hide your face forever

Forsake what’s gone before.

She’ll be your home now, foundling.

Your mother. 



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