Character: Foundling Mick 

Book: Foundling Mick (English translation of P’tit Bonhomme)

Author: Jules Verne 

26 writer: Irene Lofthouse


A French writer. The land of my mother. A sympathetic portrait of many an Irish family’s antecedents, their treatment still echoing through time, achievements still under-rated.


The Isle of Song for visitors

is not yours P’tit Bonhomme,

one of poverty, pain

mistreatment personal, political,

of abandonment, abuse.

Pockets of love intrude

into your world of exploitation

eviction, starvation, migrations

Are breathed in, shared with other

little fellows, inspire resilience

resourcefulness, respect

unexpected from one so young

A superhero surviving 

circumstances but in translation

you are Mick = thick.

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