Character: Moominpapa

Book: The Exploits of Moominpapa

Author: Tove Jansson

26 writer: Jeannie MacLean



Episode by episode Moominpapa proudly reads his memoirs to all. Moomin or Mymble, riveted by his exploits, they listen to his wisdom. 



Alone, scared, opening the ‘door to the possible’,

I flee the bleak Hemulen Foundling Home for Moomins,

Adventuring towards a future

Conjured by my not inconsiderable brain.


Fear gives way to 

Friendship (Hodgkins)

Love and bravery

(Saving Moominmama from the sea).


Breathing calmly now amidst family

I tell of perils and triumphs

Through which I show them

We can be our dreams.


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