26 Shining Light: Scott Moyes – Step Inside the Cinnamon Shop

The most peculiar thing about the Cinnamon Shop is that it has no door to knock on, windows to peer through, or even treasures to purchase.

It’s not really a shop at all, at least not this time, which probably makes it all sound a little confusing, if not downright absurd.

Nevertheless, I was graciously entrusted with the keys and given the opportunity to step inside and unravel its mysteries and unlock its many secrets.

And without knowing quite knowing what to expect, what I encountered was something so intriguing it was hard to look the other way.

The Cinnamon Shop is a nuanced performance inspired by the short stories of Bruno Schulz, a talented writer and even fine artist.

Schulz was a Jew who lived in Poland during World War II, tragically shot by a Gestapo officer while walking home. 

But his literature is his legacy, and it endures with work that continues to blossom such as The Cinnamon Shop.

Quite fittingly, this most recent adaptation of Schulz’s work examines life, memories, and our ever-evolving relationship with the past.

How nothing that happens remains the same after it’s been simmering away in the cauldron of our minds.

Which might be a bit of a confronting thought for some, or even just a little abstract.

But consider this – our brains are a truly peculiar place to keep track of the world.

We store an entire lifetime of memories and experiences in the most turbulent of environments.

It’s kind of like a movie that removes a scene every time it plays.

A book that adds a brand-new chapter every time you read it.

Until one day, perhaps without even realizing it, everything has changed completely.

That memory is just the narrative you prefer to go by.

The details have now transformed into an entirely new story.

Or in some rare cases, have been erased completely. 

So, come and step inside the Cinnamon Shop.

Sure, there aren’t any doors to open.

Or even windows to peer through.

It’s all in your head.

Shelves stacked with thoughts.

Changing every day.

Slipping away.



Scott Moyes

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