5-4-3-2-1: breathe into light


Look at them out there. Filaments set free.

Membranes dancing. Fugitives in air.

In a flash of light they break right through this ring of walls. 

They catch my breath. The suspended moment stirs



Whispering energies unleash the lungs of my imagination. 

I can feel them pulling, pushing, ebbing, flowing, 

forcing their way, pummelling me, spooling threads



Deep within the travels of my mind, streams of song flow down the currents of the mighty Brahmaputra, 

burst up high through Shetland’s blow-holes, taste and inhale changing waves of gasping new life, 



Quivering, out of breath in the bulging transience, 

here’s my memory stretching out these loosened eyes and fingers,


shaking words into my voice.


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