Taking place over 10 days from 16 – 25 October 2020 across Bloomsbury’s major venues and hidden spaces, the festival aims to amplify creative development in Bloomsbury, give a platform to its emerging talent and create interesting collaborations across arts and science.

We are seeking performances that:

  • Are across the disciplines of theatre, dance, spoken word, cabaret. Your piece could be an intervention or interaction on the street, a show in a found space, or staged in a traditional theatre. We are open to imaginative staging and as such, shows with minimal technical and set-up needs are preferred.
  • Can demonstrate links to Bloomsbury e.g. live, work or study here or intend to collaborate with partners in the area
  • Respond to our 2020 theme Vision

Our programming ideas in response to the theme have begun with these areas:

Shining a Light on the Invisible People and Parts of Bloomsbury
Profiling overlooked communities / Exploring hidden places / Opening up unseen workplaces

Aspects of Sight
Light & colour / Visual perception / Optical illusions & tricks of the eye / Blindness & partial sight / Eye Health / Vision & the other senses

Seeing Differently
Subjective & different perspectives / Vision in different cultures (Anthropology) / Language & vision

Future Vision
100 years from now? / Sustainability & climate change / Young generations hopes for the future

Seeing things
Hallucinations / mental health /  PTSD / Psychosis / Spiritual vision & dreaming

Being Seen
Computer / machine / AI vision / Surveillance / How people want to be seen


Projects that offer opportunities to support artistic development or explore the crossover between arts and science are especially welcome.

Who can apply?  Everyone in or connected to Bloomsbury.  We encourage creative individuals who work, study, or live in Bloomsbury to contact us to discuss possible projects for inclusion.

Are there any specific criteria? There are no specific criteria for project proposals, but projects need to be of quality, engaging for general audiences, and relate to the theme of Vision.

What sort of work are you interested in?  The Festival aspires to be entertaining, stimulating, educative, interesting, and exploratory. It is a platform for ideas and creativity; to test out radical ideas, unusual collaborations or polished performances. We are open minded. Tell us your ideas.

Where would my project be presented?  Work can be presented as a stand-alone event on a weekday or weekend in a Festival venue, or as part of a weekend Festival hub.

How do I put forward a proposal?  To discuss your ideas and if they might fit in the Festival programme please contact one of the Festival Programme Managers: