Writers’ group 26 have partnered with Bloomsbury Festival 2019 to create a project that puts writing at the heart of the community.

Here we have an area with an extraordinary past, present and future. A small part of London that has contributed amazing achievements for the world. Over the years Bloomsbury has been associated with people who have made small steps that became giant leaps in many different fields of activity and knowledge: science, literature, art, technology, social causes, exploration, and much more.

26 writers from 26, named after the number of letters in the alphabet, were paired with Bloomsbury people who have made such leaps. They’re wonderful stories told in just 260 words plus a haiku.

You can read those stories here… We think you’ll be intrigued, enlightened and inspired. Click on the images below to read the full stories. 


Full list of 26 stories/writers:

JM Barrie – Chris Miller
TS Eliot – Rob Briggs
James Burton – Ed Prichard
Elizabeth Jesser Reid – Emily Cracknell
Mary Ward – Lindsey Russell
Noor Inayat Khan – John Simmons
Sir John Barbirolli – Lucy Maddox
Samuel Coleridge-Taylor – Andy Hayes
William Morris – Tom Sharp
Millicent Fawcett – Poppy Collier
Thomas Coram – Faye Sharpe
Paul Nash – Sue Evans
Lydia Lopokova – Sam Crosby
Capt Matthew Flinders – Anna Dewis
Jeremy Bentham – Margaret Webster

Ziri Younsi – Jill Hopper
Redemption Roasters – Lisa Andrews
Alexei Sayle – Peter Noone
Vivien Conacher – Beverley Moore
Ash Kotak – Charlotte MacKenzie
Meenakshi Bhat – Rob Andrews
Irving Finkel – Bex Felton
Arthur Potts Dawson – Francesca Baker
Karl Friston – Jenni Newcombe

Children of Christopher Hatton School – Neil Baker
Aliza Ayaz – Ezri Carlebach