“No journey carries one far unless as it extends into the world around us, it goes an equal distance into the world within.” Lillian Smith

Bodies in space pulse, spin, attract, repel, orbit, dance.
Bodies in motion breathe, connect, listen, react, gravitate, disperse.

Light in space breaks like a wave.
Keppler’s observations translated into the music of the stars.
Carbon provides the key. Bonds endlessly fixed and broken.
A million billion possibilities but only one now.

This body in space a lone traveller,
Footsore in moonboots.
Carrying possessions in a back pack.
Books, photographs, a teapot… memories.

The man from the moon dreams of green spaces.
A breath among the stones.
Where mosaics bloom and a community of lunar gardeners plant, grow and harvest.

Phoebe moves oceans, bodies of water, changes minds.
Inspires a journey.
Shows a waning heart how to wax and fill anew.

La Luna, a shy beacon goddess,
Hides among the trees and towers
Then shows a bright full face.
Smiling, guiding this weary traveller homewards.

A giant leap from where we are.
In cosmic terms an ant’s step.
The place where all journeys begin.
We have always lived among the stars.

Michelle Nicol

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Day 3: Michelle Nicol – Sunday 13 October 2019