Day 6: Suzie Inman – Wednesday 16 October 2019

Suzie Inman
Being Human

It’s tough
When your wings are snapped and you tumble from orbit;
Meet earth with a crack and split in two.

No moon and back — no wishing stars.
Just earth. And dirt.

The impact leaves behind dual beings,
Blinking like moles in a new world.
There’s the one that you recognise,
And then this other creature that was hidden inside. 

She’s scurrying around now – out of her box.
Unleashed. Betrayed. Afraid. Exposed.
And snappy. Snappy as hell.

She’s fiercer than you thought; a miniature banshee.
Prod her and she’ll shriek loud
With a fear that blocks out reason.

26 days (not that we’re counting)
That feel like a lifetime.

But you can feel a change coming.
And it’s time to let change hold sway.

Time to stop. To remember who you are.
Time to escape. To mend.
To remember who you are.
Time to stop.

Small steps.
Almost imperceptible advances. Movement.
Tiptoe by tiny tiptoe, advancing across the ether.
Life broken down into little victories,
Each worthy of notice.

Celebrate your successes.
Before you find yourself backtracking. 

Giant leaps may come later.
Advancing strides.
But you cannot see them yet.
You cannot make them out through the shitstorm.
The big stuff can be like that. Elusive.
One day maybe someone will see the overall impact.
The big picture (it’s bigger than you)
And understand what it was all for.

Where are we headed?
To a future that’s uncertain and unknown?
You decide.

Will we learn from our mistakes?
Day 6: Suzie Inman – Wednesday 16 October 2019