Neil Baker – pupils from Christopher Hatton School

What do we want?

A world with no pollution. No diesel. No deforestation. No more trees cut down to grow palm oil. A world filled with trees, the lungs of the earth. No poaching, so animals don’t become extinct (because it isn’t fair if people in the future don’t have animals). A world that is full of wildlife, with rainforests. Where we can still hear birdsong and the rustling of leaves and trees and the air is fresh and clean. An end to climate change (because if we don’t it will get hotter and we won’t be able to go outside and that wouldn’t be a nice world to live in). So we will be scientists stopping the climate crisis. And we will be ecologists saving forests and their animals. And we will raise awareness, call for clearer labels, help people make better choices. We want a fair world, where all children have their rights. Without sexism. Where girls aren’t treated differently. Where we all have the same opportunities. So we will be actors playing powerful women who fight for justice. We will be superheroes helping children around the world. A world full of kind people who get along. No wars or arguing. Fair trading. A good education. A good living. We will live in a city of robots and AI machines that do everything for us and learn from mistakes. And we’ll see clean sand and swim in a blue sea and the fish and turtles will not eat plastic and the world will be painted in colours that make people feel happy.


All words provided by Amelie, Bilal, Elizabeth, Ishaan, Julia,
Kate, Khadeja, Maram, Mariam, Samuel and Tallulah
from Christopher Hatton Primary School, Bloomsbury.

Put into shape by Neil Baker

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