DAY 2: Margaret Kenna – Memories of Writing in Residence and Other Things

Memories of Writing In Residence

And Other Things

By Margaret Kenna


It starts with the Cinnamon shop

Which sounds like it should involve pastries

But is actually all about memory

It reminds me to ring my father

Who can count backwards in threes

But can’t remember how to work the microwave

Small children collapse in helpless giggles

Watching performances on Bramber Green

I hope my children can still find that joy

Even though they are grown up

I visit the Open Air Art Gallery

I see the painter at work

In Russell Square

And think how lovely creativity is

I hear the story of Minnie Lansbury

And admire how brave she was

Standing up to all those bullies

It ends with States of Mind

Such dark and disturbing poetry

I forget everything for an hour

Then I tell my father about my day

As Writer in Residence

He says he still remembers

The day he dropped me off

Round the corner from the theatre

He couldn’t believe he was old enough then

To have a daughter going to university

We laugh at how much older

We both are now

My father can count backwards in threes

He can’t work the microwave

But he says he still remembers

Everything that is really important


(Margaret went to see The Cinnamon Shop, The Open Air Art Gallery, I Minnie Lansbury and States of Mind as one of 26 Writers in Residence).

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DAY 2: Margaret Kenna – Memories of Writing in Residence and Other Things