DAY 3: Lauren McMenemy – Sunday 18 October 2020

BEHOLD: the Future!
A vision in shiny metal. Bewildering and be-wonderful. Everything you could hope for, everything you could imagine. All getting ready right behind this hoarding, ready for your arrival, ready to build new communities, new careers, new lives.

BEHOLD: the Future!
Creativity lives here. We create and we explore and we imagine better. We build higher and brighter, higher and brighter.

BEHOLD: the Future!
Technology delivers. Intelligence is harnessed. The algorithm demands it. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Innovate. Now.

The future is not yet written. Anyone can have a piece of it. Anyone at all.

But not you.
The future is not for the likes of you. Female. Non-Gendered. LGBTQI+. African. Asian. South American. Islander. The white man cometh and he shall deliver the future unto us while you retreat from rising tides.

And not for you.
Differently-abled, differently-bodied. Non-conforming. Poor. Working class. No access to resources. To the ladder. Out of sight, out of mind. Darwinian theory; survival of the fittest.

The climate is changing, after all. You need to adapt. You need to change to survive. Conform. Fit in. Do what you’re told. Don’t make waves. Let the corporates and politicians lead the way; they understand how it must be. Capitalism will save us all. Consume. Buy now.

For a limited time only.
Book now, before it’s too late.

Maybe we can strike a bargain. Maybe we can work together. Maybe we can live together, create together. Maybe the machines can learn. Maybe the machines can learn better. Maybe we can teach the machines to be better. Maybe…

Maybe we should.
Maybe we have to.
We have to.

BEHOLD: the Future!
Full of possibilities. Full of pathways. Be aware of the space you occupy. Think more broadly. Contribute. Count. Come together. See it differently. Build bridges.

Make the future for all of us.


Lauren McMenemy

Photo: Be.Wilder Theatre Company (on Zoom)

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DAY 3: Lauren McMenemy – Sunday 18 October 2020