DAY 5: Irene Lofthouse – Tuesday 20 October 2020

A Pot of Tea


A word in your shell-like

colour me purple for

shades of grey are not for

cattle, light and dark are

more than a number, our

eyes able to behold a

myriad spectrum.


I saw light play with

humour, with empathy,

with stories of cameras

capturing skies suffused

with desert hues of pinks

to blues to purple,

cityscapes flashing lights

moody, moving black and

whites reflecting absences

and arrivals always with

the light.


There is a community

together, people power

protesting and protecting

once upon a time. Now is

another isolated, lives

hidden, opinions not

polled, voices muffled in

today’s strange clime.


Feet forward I find

tokens for foundlings

who floundered and

flourished, though no

gallery encounters.

But(t) a conversation on

entrepreneurship, risks

in recession, launches

before lockdown, and

share hope in a virtual

pot of Yorkshire tea.


A word to the wise,

Upend your empty

teacup, see the shapes

in the leaves foretell

a vision a hundred

years hence of an

earth replenished,

revived, renewed

and communities



© Irene Lofthouse Oct 2020

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DAY 5: Irene Lofthouse – Tuesday 20 October 2020