Theatre Writing Opportunities

Bloomsbury Festival is offering a package of theatre writing bursaries and production opportunities that lead to full production at the 2022 Festival.

The bursaries for these theatre writing opportunities are now open for submissions based on the theme ‘Breathe’ from London based students. Deadline is 5pm on Friday 18 June 2021.

For full details download the brief here

To enter please complete the application form and send it with the required materials as directed. Closing date for applications, Friday 18 June at 5pm.

A structured opportunity for current London-based vocational course theatre students, and undergraduate or postgraduate students following programmes in theatre writing, screenwriting, creative writing or other related disciplines, to create a brand-new play for workshop and performance. To apply, writers are asked to submit one fully scripted scene plus an outline of the complete play (duration c. 50 minutes) to be considered for a rehearsed reading at the 2021 Bloomsbury Festival followed by further production opportunities as outlined below.

The script should respond or relate to the 2022 Bloomsbury Festival theme, BREATHE. The theme can be interpreted in many contexts – environmental, personal wellbeing, freedom to speak – to give some examples. There are 3 opportunities arising from submission.

Three scripts will be shortlisted from the entries and one will be allocated to each production opportunity below. Between shortlisting and the time of the festival the shortlisted writers will complete a full first draft of their script.

With the support of a professional director each of the three shortlisted scripts will be given a private rehearsed reading, and one scene will be prepared for public performance, at an event to be held during the 2021 Bloomsbury Festival at the RADA Studios.

There are 3 opportunities arising from submission:

1. Workshop development and performance opportunities plus £1,000 bursary – supported by Macready Theatre, Rugby; sponsored by Cemex UK.

2. Production of a Radio Play for the 2022 Festival with Bloomsbury Radio at the Bloomsbury Institute, plus £300 Festival bursary

3. A staging of a Production at the 2022 Bloomsbury Festival, plus £300 Festival bursary

For full details download the brief here

To enter please complete the application form and send it with the required materials as directed. Closing date for applications, Friday 18 June at 5pm.

Bloomsbury Festival in partnership with the Macready Theatre, Rugby and its sponsor Cemex, and Rugby School Department of Theatre & Performing Arts, and in association with RADA and Bloomsbury Radio (at the Bloomsbury Institute).

Part of Bloomsbury Festival’s New Wave programme, a platform for emerging talent.

Theatre Writing Opportunities